Interview for “a little letter”, music magazine from Schole Cultures.

(please excuse the gramma)

hello, heine.

please let me know your profile.

My name is Heine Christensen. I am from Denmark, but for the past 3 years I have been living in Barcelona, Spain. I am a selftaught guitarist but also enjoy many other instruments. I have been making music as ghost and tape for the last 4 years.


about your debut album (called ghost and tape), I feel anything like warmly, calmful and happiness from your musical mood with additional noise and good harmony and melodies. So I would like to know your visions for “ghost and tape” to make your own sounds and if you are ok, please let me know your production’ condition, what do you make your own sounds by?? or about your studio’s condition)

When I write music I enjoy working with harmonies, experimenting with chords and tones using all types of guitars and other instruments. Improvisation is a big part of the process when I write. I record a lot of different sound sources to create layers, minimalistic beats and give atmosphere to the songs. I am lucky to have a big room in my apartment that I can use as a studio. The room has great acoustics and there is plenty of space to play around with all the different instruments. My setup is pretty basic. I have a laptop, some really good monitors, some amazing condenser mics and a couple of old amplifiers. I use both classical and electric guitars and I have a Boss RC-50 Loop station to help me create layers and improvise. The songs always seem to write themselves and I just enjoy beeing there when it happens, not thinking too much about how they should be.


whole your sounds, it has the vocal of eva and you, simply electronics and your acoustic guitar, do you care of analogy feeling of a material??

I record a lot of natural sounds, and real instruments for my music. I process the recordings, manipulate the composition or just leave them natural. Not only do I prefer using analog sound sources but I also find it more interesting when writing the songs because you are working outside the computer, you are using your hands to create the sounds and a lot of things can happen. I find it fascinating to work with the small accidents and randomness that you can get when recording real sounds. I find it very inspiring and I often let the song follow the ideas I get when accidents happen. It’s like real life interfering with your writing process. It is so easy these days to use plugins and other software, but i always prefer to use analog material because it brings more life into the song.


what do you think about releasing of your debut album from Japanese label??

I am very proud to release my music on Schole records. I think it’s the perfect label for my first album. It is a dream comes true and I feel very greatful for the opportunity. They release really good music. I have been a fan of the label for a long time and Akira is a really nice guy. Releasing my music on a Japanese label is very special for me, because there are so many Japanese artists that I like. There is so much good music coming from Japan. Sawako, Haruka Nakamura, Akira Kosemura, Chihei Hatakeyama, Opitope, Machinone, Pawn, Mitsuyoshi Matsuda, Paniyolo, there are so many that I listen to and respect. I think Japan is a good place for my music and I hope to go there one day.


what music or artists where you inspired by since before??

Before I started ghost and tape I had been writing folk music for some years, teaching myself how to sing and began finger picking on the guitar. But writing lyrics was always a big problem for me, because the words did not come easy and I didn’t feel like I had anything new to say. So at some point I decided to stop singing but continued playing the guitar as folk music. The melodies became more experimental and I enjoyed that the music was instrumental. I concentrated on improving the electronic parts, experimenting with sampling and field recording and moving away from traditional song structure. Besides folk-music my electronic influences in the early days of ghost and tape were Jan Jelinek, Part Timer, Skyphone, System, Opiate, The Remote Viewer and the British label Moteer. John from Part Timer was a huge motivator for me in the beginning. I got in contact with him and he was very nice to me, sending me his songs and helping me getting in contact with labels. I would also say that getting on Myspace and finding all the Japanese artists was a big influence on me.


please let me know the music scene of electronic or indies in Spain.

Because I am a foreigner living in Spain I dont know that much about the music scenes. But it seems to me that the electronica scene is really small and very underground. In Spain people like to dance to the music and make a party, so there is not a big audience for sensitive, intelligent electronica. The only Spanish artist that I know, releasing good electronica is .Tape. (dot tape dot). Spanish people prefer techno, house or jungle. In Barcelona there are very few places to make electronica concerts, so usually I play at events in art galleries, cafées or abandoned industrial areas.


I feel dear old color like a polaroid pictures from your music, do you take pictures or images??

I love photography and I enjoy manipulating photos to change the look and feel. I also collect photos that I find or that friends give me. Images have a great impact on me and they are very important for music. The right picture or the right colors can set the mood and help people to understand what type of sound they are introduced to. I have been collecting Polaroids for a long time and I think they go very well with the music of ghost and tape, giving an impression of nice memories. I like it when the Polaroids look old and are little destroyed, sort of like the beats and the sounds i have been creating for this album.

Schole records have been amazing at making artwork that compliments the music perfectly and I am very happy with the cover they made for my album.


please let me know your future’ hope and send your message to Japanese listeners!

Right now I am working on my second album, so I hope I will be able to release it as soon as it is done. I want to do more live shows this winter and continue to record new music. But my biggest dream is to go to Japan and play some concerts there. Maybe my debut album will help me with my dream?

I would like to thank Akira Kosemura and all the wonderful people at Schole records for making my album possible. I hope people will enjoy ghost and tape and keep supporting the scene.


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